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Wedding - Bride & Groom

Nowadays, the bride isn't the only one getting hair & makeup done for their wedding day. More and more, I'm encountering grooms that want to be touched up before the wedding ceremony. A little concealer. A little bronzer. A little hair gel. It isn't much but they are requesting it more and more these days. I'm talking about my metrosexual grooms. As a makeup artist, hair stylist & skin care specialist. I think its a very profitable idea, if you ask me. But don't get me wrong, I believe the groom deserves just as much pampering as the bride. Wedding days can be magical but are also very trying and stressful. So why not offer a service such as: A nice smooth shave, man facial, a man mani-pedi, a scalp or back treatment, a hand or foot massage, manscaping, brow shaping or even a fresh haircut to your handsome groom? The man that is going to carry his partner across the threshold is going to need the pampering! HA!HA! Those handsome gentlemen need to treat themselves to a relaxing treatment and feel like kings too. After all, why should the bride get all the perks? I have been seeing this trend growing in my industry and I think it is great! I might be a little biased, since I am male. But!, nonetheless it is something worth looking at. Congratulations! to those grooms that are freeing themselves of the status quo and allowing themselves some good old fashioned pampering. There's nothing wrong with any of it and you should be proud to know of this industry secret. These services are usually not very expensive and can be easily added to the Bridal Package with ease. Why should the bride get to have all the fun? The groom should too.

If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email.

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