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I know this is going to sound crazy, but I want you to go into your closet and pull out different solid colored shirts, in the rainbow spectrum. In other words, pull out a red shirt, an orange shirt, a yellow shirt, a green shirt, a blue shirt, and a purple shirt. Also, pull out a black shirt and a white shirt. Here's where your selfie taking skills are in dire need. I want you to take turns trying out each different t-shirt and stand in front of a solid white wall while doing so. Now! Snap a selfie of your face with some of the color t-shirt exposed.

Explore and drape each color one at a time, either by wearing it or by wrapping it around your face. Sit in front of a mirror while observing. Take a picture of each colored shirt and observe each slight difference. Take a look at your eyes, skin, and hair as you change each color around your face. You will see each one of your features transform with every different color you experiment with.

This example will not only help you identify colors of clothing that best looks good on you, but also what works with your skin tone. It could also help you figure out which hair color is more flattering for your skin tone. It can help you find the best eyeshadow colors to wear or blush shades to put on your cheeks. By using complementary, analogous, and contrasting combinations you can create your most harmonizing looks that fit with your skin tone.

This exercise helps you identify the colors that best work with your current skin tone. I say current, because it might be winter and your skin could be lighter than usual. Or it could be summer and you could be tan, red , or more olive toned. These colors will virtually change before your eyes depending on the color of the shirt your wearing. This is also true for the colors of hair and eyes.

Now get yourself a color wheel and explore color and color combinations. More tips to come.

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