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Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Let me start out by saying that most likely besides paying for hair and makeup, you will also be paying for a photographer. Which usually, by the way, gets paid way more than I do. These photographers are banking on weddings. That is great for you photographers! But, who wants to be photographed without hair & makeup on their wedding? So on that note: You hire the photographer and you pay him a fortune to take these beautiful pictures on your wedding day and wedding rehearsal and engagement dinner and...etc etc. But you ladies try to save your pennies on hair & makeup that will be photographed by this really expensive photographer? If you are spending all this money on a photographer you must equally be ready to dish it out for your hair & makeup team. If you do not have great hair & makeup, your very expensive photographer will have to do more work on retouching and photoshopping. Which, by the way, most have sent out to be retouched because of time constraints and usually don't include that in the price. In other words, it is an extra cost for you. Which could cost you hundreds if not thousands for a photo editor/ retoucher. That just doesn't make sense to pay all that money for pictures that you will probably not like. Don't you think?

Someone has to talk about this! Ladies! I get it! You are on a budget and you must try to get everything for the least price possible. Everyone understands that. But ladies! Why would you think that if you pay less for your hair & makeup, you're still going to get the same quality outcome? You get what you pay for! After all, you can not buy a Ferrari with a Kia budget. Chances are if you are paying an incredibly low amount for your hair & makeup, you are not gonna have the results you want. You should bargain in other areas of your wedding plan. Get less flowers or something! lol!

As a hair & makeup artist, we are here to make you not only look and feel amazing for your special day, but also to build your memories with you. One day you will be sitting down looking through your wedding album and you will look back and think about the choices you made with your beauty budget. Some people will have very dated looks and may regret their decisions. Some of you who paid fairly for a great glam team have pictures that turned out beautiful and look fresh and classic and timeless. The hair and makeup team also saved you money because the photographer did not have to retouch or photoshop most of your pictures. Do you understand what I'm talking about?

Also keep in mind, when you hire your glam team for your wedding you should pay them to stay extra time for touchups if you have a photographer taking pics the whole time. Many artists charge fees varying from $50 to $200 an hour to stay after they have completed everyones makeup and hair to do touchups for your pre ceremonial photoshoot. Which, it is well worth it! It is always nice to have your glam team checking last looks before the photographer snaps those pictures. Don't ever assume that your photographer is going to care if your mascara is running or if your lipstick faded off. That is not their job, That is the glam teams job. But! That is always an extra fee that is optional to the bride. So! Instead of cutting corners with your glam team, you need to rethink this through and possibly bump up your wedding beauty budget. That way you'll be insured that everything beauty will turn out perfect for your event and your future memories.

You shouldn't skimp on glam for your wedding or any other important event in your life. These are moments that will be photographed and remembered for the rest of your life. These pictures are visual memories that will be with you and generations of family to come. These are not the moments to be cheap. So ladies!!!! Get yourself a great hair and makeup artist for your special day!!! Trust me it will be worth it in the long run. To make an appointment for a consultation send me a private message or click on my website link below.

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