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Highlighting & Contouring has been an industry secret for a long long time. Thanks to social media this little scret has been exposed!!! It is used widely in the industry in tv production and photography. Celebrities have been guilty of making a more dramatic contour & highlight to be more street wearable than previous times. Doesnt everyone want to look like Kim Kardashian nowadays??? I!

Highlighting & Contouring is mainly used to accentuate and deminish certain features. A highlight is added where you want features to pop up a little more or a lot more depending if the application is natural or more dramatic. Contouring is used to make features less prominent and demand less attention.

Some examples of highlight placements are cheek bones, nose bridge, tip of nose, eyebrow bone, chin, and middle of forehead. These areas of the face are emphacised more and appear to be more open or more shaped. Some examples of contouring placements can be under the cheek bones, sides of nose, jawline, neck, and hairline. A darker shadow on the eye crease can also be considered a contour. The only difference is that it is on the eye instead of the face. Contouring & Highlighting these areas will enhance anyones features.

I recommend purchasing Kevin Aucoine's book: "Making Faces" to understand placement a little better or I can teach you.

If you would like to learn more about highlighting & contouring. Feel free to book a personal lesson with me so you also, can learn to be contoured like the GODS!!!

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